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The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider, Inc. Commemorates 100th Anniversary

The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider, Inc. Commemorates 100th Anniversary

Libertyville, Ill. (May 10, 2021)Hollister Incorporated and KMT Medical celebrate Founder’s Day today, recognizing the 100th anniversary of their parent company, The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider Inc. (JDS Inc.). A commemorative event celebrating the founder of JDS Inc., John Dickinson Schneider, and the rich history of the company, occurred at the Hollister Incorporated Illinois headquarters and was livestreamed to associates across the world.

On May 10, 1921, 23-year-old John Dickinson Schneider founded JDS Inc. with a printing press in the basement of his parents‘ home in Chicago. Over the ensuing decades, he ran the company based on the unbending principles of Dignity of the Person, Service, and Quality, while at the same time adapting and evolving it to its global presence today in medical products and service. Towards the end of his career, in an act of great generosity, he gave his company to his employees as stewards; and in doing so, he left a Legacy – a Legacy not confined to lifeless documents, legalistic frameworks, or petrified stories. Mr. Schneider and his wife, Minnie Schneider, left a Legacy that each associate continues to live every day.

“Today marks a special moment in time – a moment that has affected our lives and the lives of millions of people around the world who depend on our products and services to live their lives with dignity,” said V. George Maliekel, President and CEO, JDS Inc. “Our corporate culture is the living expression of The Schneiders’ Legacy. Our culture defines the character of our company. It guides us in the decisions we make, the work we do, the ways in which we interact with each other, and how we serve our customers and the global community.”

JDS Inc. and the operating companies of Hollister Incorporated and KMT Medical, will continue to commemorate the Centennial anniversary throughout 2021 with global activities to inspire and connect associates and customers to The Schneiders’ Legacy.

About Hollister Incorporated

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products worldwide. The company develops and manufactures products for ostomy care, continence care and critical care, and also develops educational support materials for patients and healthcare professionals. Headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, it has manufacturing and distribution centers on three continents and sells in nearly 80 countries. Hollister is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider Inc. (JDS Inc.), a 100-year-old company. Hollister is guided by the shared Mission of JDS Inc. to make life more rewarding and dignified for people who use its products and services.

About KMT Medical Incorporated

KMT Medical is a group of companies providing home healthcare services to consumers. Working with clinicians, the companies are dedicated to respecting clinical decisions while providing high quality products, unmatched expertise and personalized services. Announced in 2017, KMT Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider Inc. (JDS Inc.) and is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, with operations in the United States and Europe. KMT Medical companies are guided by operating policies consistent with the mission and vision of its parent company, The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider, Inc.

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