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Always a step ahead – the human being in focus.

PubliCare GmbH is one of the leading homecare companies in Germany with expertise in ostomy, continence, bowel management, tracheostomy, wound care as well as nutritional therapy an antibiotics therapy.

Every person deserves a life that is as self-determined as possible. We take the hospitalized patients and clients of nursing homes by the hand, even in times when they may be losing their courage themselves. PubliCare provides customers with empathetic care and a comprehensive view of the state of health. To achieve this, we use our homecare expertise, which has grown over nearly 30 years, and count the high level of professionalism of our employees as our greatest strengths.

The handling of aids, dressings or nutritional products is not self-explanatory – all the more important it is to give security in dealing with them and involve also relatives or the nursing staff of hospitals to answer questions that come up in everyday life.

In this way, we help to create new independence for our customers and offer help to self-help.

We work closely with doctors, health insurance companies, nursing staff and outpatient facilities to ensure that the medical therapy concept is optimally continued at home or in an outpatient setting. We stay at their side in the acute situation and also accompany them in the long term in new life situations.

Since January 2022 we serve more than 50.000 patients.

The company PubliCare - your partner with heart


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Our focus is on ostomy, continence, wound and tracheostoma care as well as parenteral and enteral nutrition. At the interfaces between patient, doctor, clinic, nursing service and health insurance company, we take care of maintaining quality of life - with heart and mind.


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Homecare is the provision of medical aids, dressings, medical nutrition and related services by supply specialists to patients at home and in nursing or retirement homes.
For our customers, this means that we advise and support them both in the clinic and at home and deliver the medical aids they need directly to their homes.



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