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In Germany, more than eight million people have bladder and / or bowel weakness. Around 160,000 people live with a stoma. Often, the disease is associated with the fear of social isolation.

Actario provides targeted and quality advice to affected people with the aim of showing them ways and opportunities to actively participate in life and improve their quality of life.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary and act on behalf of PubliCare - a leading home care provider. Home Care supply advice-intensive aids, medical devices, and dressings.

Together with PubliCare, we not only support you with high-quality products, but also with comprehensive services. Our range of services includes stoma, continence, and modern wound care as well as enteral and parental nutrition.

Our employees are registered nurses with additional specific qualifications. We look at the patient holistically in their individual situation, help them through conversations, and advise on product selection and application.

Due to the close cooperation with PubliCare GmbH, you benefit from the many years of experience and the high level of professional quality. PubliCare has its own logistics center with more than 5,500 items that are always available in stock. This ensures that you are supplied with the required products promptly.

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