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Triple Power to move homecare forward in Germany

Since January 1, 2022, Actario and noma-med are part of PubliCare GmbH – one of the leading homecare companies in Germany. We care for the benefit of 50.000 patients with analogue, digital and innovative offerings. We have expertise in tending ostomy, continence, bowel management, wound care as well as nutritional therapy an antibiotics therapy.

Actario, noma-med and PubliCare are united in their commitment to provide customers with empathic care and a comprehensive view of their state of health. To create this, we use our homecare expertise, which has grown over nearly 30 years, and count the high level of professionalism of our employees as our greatest strengths.

The handling of aids, dressings or nutritional products is not self-explanatory – all the more important it is to give security in dealing with them and involve also relatives or the nursing staff of hospitals to answer questions that come up in everyday life.

In this way, we help to create new independence for our customers and help to self-help.

We are happy to work hand in hand for our patients all over Germany.

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